Selling My House Guide For Los Angeles Home Sellers.

Selling My House Guide For Los Angeles Home Sellers.

I’m thinking of selling my house? What should I do? Let us answer some frequently asked questions from home sellers looking to sell their home in Los Angeles. Just so you know, we have been buying and selling houses throughout Los Angeles for over 30 years and thought we could give you a little insight into the home selling process.

Get an understanding of your property’s condition before selling.

Do your own visual inspection of your property and be upfront with yourself. What major problems does your home have? Does your home have an Old leaky roof, old windows, old flooring, old appliances, bad plumbing, outdated electrical, mold, or a damaged garage door? The list goes on and on. Maintaining a home can be expensive and sometimes these repairs start to stack up.

Figure out what repairs, updates, or remodeling your home may need.

Have you recently remodeled your home in the last two years? If not, your home is most likely outdated or needs repairs. Although your property may be clean, home buyers these days want the best of the best when buying a house and they are not interested in spending the money to fix or remodel a home after buying it.

If you are not willing to remodel your entire house, doing minor repairs can be a waste of money.

If your house needs to be remodeled, minor repairs aren’t going to get you top of the market prices. We’ll give you a quick example. For example, it’s like trying to sell a 30 year old Mercedes at the same price as a brand new Mercedes. You can give the old Mercedes a new tune up, but that doesn’t mean you can sell it for the top of the market prices. The new Mercedes has all the modern bells and whistles. In the end, buying the old Mercedes for the same price as the new Mercedes doesn’t make sense and doing minor repairs isn’t going to get you any more money. The same goes for old houses vs remodeled houses.

Be honest with yourself when comparing your home to recently sold homes.

Be upfront with yourself. Does your house really compare to those that are selling at the top of the market? If not, how much do you think it will cost to get there. If you haven’t remodeled a home before, it is very expensive to do! If you have a standard 3 bedroom 2 bath home around 1200sqft, just cosmetic updates, such as new kitchen countertops, new kitchen cabinets, new flooring, new windows, new bathroom vanities, new tile shower, new plumbing fixtures, new lighting fixtures, etc., can exceed $30,000 when just doing the basics. Remember, that is not including a new roof, new HVAC, termite damage, dry root, new plumbing, landscaping, new doors, knobs, and all the other little things. On top of that, it’s hard finding a contractor you can trust.

Get an understanding of the costs of selling a home.

What costs are there when selling a house traditionally? Here is a list of most of the costs of selling a home: realtor fees, commissions, escrows fees, repair credits, termite reports, transfer taxes, title fees, septic tests, well tests, etc.

Sell your home yourself.

If you sell your house yourself you can avoid almost of the costs of selling a home traditionally. Finding your own home buyer, such as Sell My House Faster Los Angeles, lets you sell your home for no fees, no commissions, no repairs, and there are no banks involved. If you are ready to sell your house for a price that makes sense, please visit our website at or our main page.