The math behind selling your house fast

The math behind selling your house fast

It’s all about the numbers. What are the costs of selling your house fast? There is a lot of talk out there about selling your house fast, but who is right and who is wrong? Unfortunately, who is right and who is wrong is complicated. There are a variety of outcomes when selling your house fast based on the homebuyer you find, the condition of your home, your home’s location, and your home selling situation. The main concern of most home sellers is if they are getting a good price for their home and if selling their house fast is worth it. Well, what is a good price for your home? Let’s go through the costs of selling a home traditionally Vs selling your home fast. We will also take a look at what it takes to get your home “market ready”. This way you can decide for yourself what a good price for your home truly is.

The costs of traditionally selling your house with a realtor.

  • Repairs, remodeling, etc. – All you need is paint and carpet right? This is a very common myth that many home sellers adopt and in most cases it is not accurate. Selling your home on the market can be very challenging. You need to stand out and beat the competition. Why buy your house? For example, what house would you choose between? A house with new paint and carpet or a house that has been completely remodeled? These days homebuyers are picking the completely remodeled house because of the low interest rates on home mortgages (Just a couple more bucks a month for a great house). This leaves the “as is” houses or the slightly repaired houses sitting on the market until the selling price is dropped dramatically. Be honest with yourself and take a look at the condition of the properties selling in today’s market.
  • Fees, commissions, reports, escrow, etc – Selling a house traditionally is not free. Actually, it is very expensive. Realtors costs a combined 5% to 6%, and there are fees for escrow, fees for reports, fees for banks, fees for appraisals, fees for inspections, repair credits, etc. It can get ugly when selling traditionally.
  • Codes, violation, etc – When selling on the market you need to make sure your home has no building codes violations, there are no permit issues, and if your home is old, you need to be concerned about lead and asbestos. Remember, most traditional buyers use banks for funding and most banks won’t lend on a house with any permit or building code violations.

The costs of selling your house fast to a true investment company.

  • No repairs, no remodeling, etc – When selling your house fast to a true investment company there are no repairs. True investment companies will buy your house “as is” no matter your home selling situation. You could be selling just because you want to or you could be selling due to a financial hardship.
  • No fees, no commissions, no reports, etc – There are no fees and no commissions when selling your house fast to a true investment company. That is a lot of savings.
  • Selling Your House “as is” – Since true home investing companies use their own cash they can buy any house in any condition. Also, using your own cash means you do not have to abide by the same standards as banks, which means you can sell your house in any condition whenever you want.

How much do home investing companies pay under Market value?

There is no percentage with true investment companies. These companies base your home’s value on your local market, near by comparable houses, your home’s condition, and they need to consider the costs it will take to make your home market ready. True home investment companies make selling a home simple. Visit our website today!


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